Wood floor refinishing Ocean City, NJ 08226



Hardwood floor refinishing Ocean City, NJ 08226
This client had called us to have their carpets cleaned and their tile and grout cleaned and sealed. I went out and provided a free in home estimate and this is a beautiful 3 story home that they had just bought. We had booked their job for cleaning all their carpet and tile, while I was there I also brought to their attention that their 3 story staircase had many scratches and to maintain their steps they needed a screen & coat on them. A screen & coat is when you have either a hardwood floor or a hardwood staircase that have many surface scratches that have not gone through the polyurethane and there are no gouges. We discussed everything and they were thrilled with the job we had provided with the carpet and the tile so they hired us to do the screen and coat on the steps. 
If you don't maintain your hardwood floors or steps and the polyurethane has worn away you have to have a hardwood floor refinishing done. A hardwood floor refinishing consists of sanding the wood down to raw then applying a seal coat or a stain and 2 coats of polyurethane. We use a polyurethane called Dura Seal which is a 100% oil based polyurethane. We use this superior product because of the quality of the product and the smell dissipates with in 2 days. 
The pictures above show the steps right after they were screened and coated and they were dry 6 to 8 hours later. This is a 1 day process. You can call Extreme Floor Care 7 days a week for free advice or to set up a free in home estimate at 609-272-9173. Check out our website at and click on the articles tab for tons of before and after pictures of projects we have been doing. At Extreme Floor Care the owner is always the one doing your job, we are fully insured. And are a member of Ethical Services.