Wood floor refinishing Brigantine, NJ 08203



Hardwood floor refinishing Brigantine, NJ 08203
These are pictures of the living room before and after the hardwood floors were sanded raw
This is a home that the client found us through Angie's List. This home is brigantine. When the client called I met her to give a free estimate and when I was measuring I had noticed the the wood looked funny in the closet so I asked her if I could move the stuff out of the bottom of the closet. It was very evident that there was termite damage to the floor. I told her she needed to call a pest control company to check the joist and sub floor under the house. She said that a company had come in and said everything was ok, so we were a go with the hardwood floor refinishing.
The first day we arrived we started with the hardwood floor repair, once we started to remove the bad boards the sub floor and the 3 joist had to be repaired and replaced because of the termite damage. I don't know what company she used but apparently they did not go under the home to check for damage which you will see in some of the pictures. Joe, the owner of Extreme Floor Care went to the lumber store and bought 3 joist and some new sub floor and we did the repair and then installed the new hardwood floor where the boards were damaged.
After all the repairs were complete we starting the hardwood floor refinishing. The client decided that she wanted to go with a natural seal coat and semi gloss finish. We did the wood floor refinishing in her living room, dining room, steps, hallway and 3 bedrooms. You will see in the before pictures in the dining room that there were many pet stains in the wood, in the. After pictures you will see that with the hardwood floor refinishing all the pet stains came out. This floor is about 60 years old and is a red oak floor, and as you can see in all the pictures the wood floor refinishing came out beautiful and we had another satisfied customer. 
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