Wood floor installation, Margate, NJ 08402



Wood  floor installation, Margate, NJ 08402
This is a hardwood floor we installed for a contractor who got our name from Coast Tile & Marble Supply. This is a engineered floor that is a snap and lock floor, a floating floor. Which means it is not glued down or nailed. This home had a lot of moisture in it from Hurricane Sandy, so we had to wait to make sure the moisture level was right in the house. The wood was delivered a week prior to installation so it could acclimate to the homes environment. The old hardwood floor could not be salvaged so it had to be removed. The color of this floor is very close to a stain called gunstock. Once this floor is installed the contractor Jay Lakes will be installing a custom trim around the perimeters of all the rooms we, Extreme Floor Care installed. 
When Extreme Floor Care started the hardwood floor installation, we first put down a vapor barrier called aqua bar, then on top of that we installed a foam product that was needed to be laid before the floor could be installed. The floor needed to have a 1/4 inch space around the perimeter of the rooms because of expansion and contraction of the wood floor. That is why it is necessary to have trim applied and sometimes quarter round after hardwood floor installation. No matter the age of the floor wood floors will always expand and contract over their life and if the floor isn't installed properly the floor will buckle if enough space is not left for it to move. Always check with the manufacturers instructions if it is a prefinished floor. At Extreme Floor Care we install hardwood floors, refinish hardwood floors along with staining and also do hardwood floor restoration and hardwood floor repairs. We also provide a DUSTLESS hardwood floor resurfacing. This is for a floor that is in good condition but has surface scratches. Extreme Floor Care comes in and screens the floor which is preparing the last coat to accept the next coat and apply a new coat of polyurethane in either a satin, semi gloss or glossy finish. This is a 1 day process.