What to use to clean and not to use on your hardwood floors


Bona POLISH messes up hardwood floors. Do not use it ever!
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Let me blunt for this post… Bona is a floor finish company in my industry that is the equivalent of Lumber Liquidators.They are both purely smoke and mirrors and offer mediocre products at best. Both companies market and advertise like crazy to create market share and brand identity. That is why you likely have heard these two names no matter how little you know about the wood flooring industry. We suggest using a product called Squeeky Clean on your hardwood floors, use can get this on Amazon. Also NEVER use a steamer on hardwood floors - wood and water don't mix!
The REAL trouble with Bona as a company is that they count on you to trust that they always have your best interest in mind instead of being a savvy consumer. So………Prepare to have your mind blown. Just look below.
If you have come upon this  post because you or the housecleaners used Bona Polish and it is now looking dull and cloudy, then read on. I will tell you a few ways to fix the issue listed in order of cost to you:
 This reminds me so much of “The Star Bellied Sneeches” that I cannot stop laughing. We’ll sell you the stuff to ruin your floor and now we will sell you the stuff to fix it. Fixing your floor this way is going to require lots of elbow grease and clean rags. By the way, buy an organic vapor cartridge respirator. Just look at the stuff in this product…. And this is the company that claims to be extremely eco friendly. Just remember that when you’re high on toluene fumes. If you don’t prefer to pay more money to the people who sold you the bad stuff, then you could simply buy a few gallons of solvent like denatured alcohol or lacquer thinner and take a chance that it works. It probably will but you’ll feel like you just drank 2 bottles of Chardonnay after you are done cleaning.
Prepare to have your wood floors stripped and recoated by a professional. This method will be the most costly, but will yield the best results. This product is VERY stubborn to remove.  I recently went through 6 double sided scrubber pads using a buffer to remove it from 1200 sq ft of floors. It took 4 1/2 hours of time to remove with a buffer, so on your hands and knees I would plan 1 to 2 full days if it is a big floor. After stripping the Bona Polish, then the floor still needs to be buffed again to prepare for the adhesion of a new finish coat. Once this is done we vacuum and apply a new coat of finish. This procedure results in the most even sheen across your wood floor, but will cost significantly more.
I write my posts primarily for one reason: TO INFORM CONSUMERS. 
It is incredibly sad when people are a day late and a dollar short because they already made a bad decision. Hopefully, someone reading this will avoid a mistake rather than make one. I live and work only in the South Jersey, Atlantic County & Cape May County region. So, if you live here too, then email me and I can possibly help at or call us at 609-272-9173 to reach Extreme Floor Care. If you need a real contractor and live elsewhere, then go to and find a certified professional. Whatever you do, I recommend against using a Bona certified craftsman because you’ll just get more nonsense and drivel then real answers for your problem. Bona is a purely bureaucratic company seeking profit. The DO NOT care about consumers. I see it everyday in my contracting business so take this as a warning from a third party who is transparent.