Tile and grout cleaning Linwood, Nj 08221



Tile and grout cleaning Linwood, NJ 08221
This is  a client that use to live in Northfield in Sutton Woods and we would clean her carpets every 6 months because she has 2 little dogs and 2 boys. She is on our program called the "No Brainer Program". It is a program we came up with that the first time we come in and clean your home it is at our regular price, if we come into your home every 6 months to clean the same areas you pay half your initial cost. It is a great program because you are actually getting your carpets cleaned twice a year for what it would cost you to clean them once a year. Because she has a large home this works out great for her. The "No Brainer Program "works for clients  that exceed our minimum, any carpet cleaning job has to exceed our minimum which is $150.00.  The tile and grout cleaning is not a part of the "No Brainer Program".
This client has now moved to a beautiful home in Linwood and we are cleaning her carpets and have also cleaned her tile and grout. The reason we came up with this program is because it is easier to keep your carpets in better condition if they are cleaned every 6 months instead of trying to resurrect them once a year especially if you have children or pets. You can call Extreme Floor Care for a free in home estimate  or advice at 609-272-9173. You can also visit our website at to learn more about our company and see before and after pictures of carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning and hardwood floor refinishing under our articles tab. We are the company where the owner does your job and we are fully insured. Extreme Floor Care is also rated extremely high on Angies list.