Taking care of refinished hardwood floors


                                                                                           WOOD FLOOR CARE & MAINTENANCE
1) When work is done you can walk on the floors 6 hours later with soft heeled shoes, socks or barefeet. Furniture can be replaced 72 hours after job is complete. Never allow a contractor apply tape to the floor for any reason, there will be a chemical reaction with the tape and the polyurethane no matter how long ago your floors were done, this is a common mistake that can ruin your floors.
2) Anywhere you have furniture that moves apply felt pads on the feet. Because we are at the shore you will get sand on your floors ~ check your pads and change them as needed. The sand will get inbedded on the pads and scratch your floor SO CHANGE THEM OFTEN! You can buy them at grocery stores or hardward stores. Don't let sand or dirt build up.
3) DO NOT USE ANY WAX, OIL SOAP OR OTHER INDUSTRIAL HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS because these products will adversely affect the appearance of the finish and make recoating impossible. We recommend a product called "squeeky clean" that you can buy at Coast Tile and Marble on Fire Rd. in EHT.
4) Wood and water dont mix ~ only damp never wet!
5) Be aware of what your floors look like, every couple of years you may need to recoat your floors. If you are seeing surface scratches & dulling areas we can recoat them to renew the shine and fill in those scratches. If you wait to long your floor will have to be completely resanded. Recoating can only be done if you use the proper cleaning products every time.