Repair to a hardwood floor that had water damage Ocean View, NJ 08230



Repair to a hardwood floor that had water damage Ocean View, NJ 08230
The pictures you see above are the foyer going into the kitchen after the wood floor had to be removed and then once we installed the raw hardwood floor and refinished it.
This is a client that we had refinished her hardwood floor about 3 years ago. She had bought a new refrigerator and the company she bought it from did not install the water line to the refrigerator correctly. Because it was such a slow leak she didn't realize it until the wood in the hallway started to look funny. She had called the company and they said she needed about 6 boards replaced. Cheryl the home owner called me to come and look at the floor and I told her she had a much larger problem on her hands because she definitely had a mold issue. I had her call a specialist in this area with water damage and mold and his name is Jay Cook who owns Initiative Building Green and his phone number is 609-576-9438. He came into her home and there was mold in the kitchen, bathroom and hallway. So much for the company that sold the refrigerator who said only 6 boards needed to be replaced.
Jay first came in and did all removal of damaged areas and also did the mold remediation. He then did all the fixing that needed to be done and that was when we came in to install the wood that had been damaged and refinished it. This floor is a select and better red oak, the boards were 3 and 4 inches wide with Walnut plugs. Once the floor was installed we had to install the walnut plugs and then the floor was sanded 3 times, a natural seal coat was applied followed by 2 coats of 100% oil based polyurethane. This floor came out great because we wanted and needed it to match the rest of the floors we had done previously and as you can see it did.
You will see in all of these pictures their red oak floors came out beautiful. This job came out great and our client was thrilled with the outcome. We love making sure all of our clients are thrilled with their jobs because we take great pride in our work. You can call Extreme Floor Care for FREE in home estimates and advice 7 days a week from 8am to 10pm at 609-272-9173. You can also visit our website at for more before and after projects we have done, just look under the articles tab. We also provide a consumer awareness guide for you to read about hardwood floors on our main web page. We service South Jersey mainly concentrating on Atlantic County,Cape May County, Cumberland county & Burlington County. Our New Jersey Contractors license is at the bottom of our main web page. If you hire us to do your job our insurance company will email you a copy of our insurance and workmen's comp.  As a client who hires us to refinish or install your hardwood floors you will get pictures of the entire process of the work as it is being done, that is a personalized touch that none of our competitors provide, we do this so if you have any questions they can be addressed immediately.  We are also rated extremely high on Angie's List.
At Extreme Floor Care we put customer satisfaction first, our Company has integrity and is dependable,that is why the Owner of Extreme Floor Care, Joe Carfagno, is doing your job, he is the best at what we do. You will get quality results each and every time. Many people have concerns about allowing contractors in their home when they aren't there, when you hire us you can be confident that your belongings are cared for so your home is safe and secure. We will always make sure everything is locked up and secured. We do NOT hire sub contractors or day laborers. We will always be the company where the Owner does your job.