Rancher Dining Room Floor Finishing Linwood, NJ 08221

We did a complete hardwood floor refinishing on this floor for great, who had recently purchased the home in Linwood, NJ 08221.

There are there before, and after photographs in the dining room in this rancher There are many more than many of the floors were in a poor state. There were some problems with the hardwood floor in the living room due to pet stains.

We met with the homeowner and went over everything with them and went over the procedures we would use for the pet stains.

Once we started the hardwood floor refinishing, the pet stains were not sanding out, we used wood bleach to remove them, and we had outstanding success because all the pet stains came out, which you will see in the before and after photographs.

This entire rancher was hardwood, except for the kitchen and bathrooms.

This job was completed in 2 days. The hardwood floor refinishing process began with sanding three times to eliminate the stains using hard, medium, and fine sand.

Once the floor is ready and smooth, we cleaned up and then applied Golen Pecan sealer stain followed by two coats of 100% oil-based polyurethane.

We informed the family to leave it for around 8 hours after the job is complete before walking on it, and then they could move furniture in after 72 hours after we complete the job.


Linwood, NJ 08221 Floor Finishing

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Like many jobs of this detail, it takes around 72 hours before customers can place furniture back on the highly polished surface. This is the formal dining room in this home.

We refinished all hardwood on the first floor, treads on steps, and the second-floor hallway. Joe is the owner of Extreme Floor Care and the one that does your job—fully insured and employee’s comp.

This job came out great, and our client was thrilled with the outcome. We love making sure all our clients are thrilled with their jobs because we take extraordinary pride in our work.

As a client who hires us to refinish or install your hardwood floors, you receive pictures of each step covering the work’s entire process as it is being done.

We find this a personalized touch that none of our competitors provide; we do this, so they can be addressed immediately if you have questions.

At Extreme Floor Care, we put customer satisfaction first.

Our company has integrity and is dependable, and that is why the Owner of Extreme Floor Care, Joe Carfagno, is doing your job.

He is the best in the business and never cannot satisfy the results he gets, no matter what kind of floor task he undertakes. He delivers quality results every time.



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We do NOT hire sub-contractors or day laborers. We will always be the company where the owner does your job.

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Hardwood flooring deserves the care and attention Extreme Floor Care offers to every customer.

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