Ocean City, NJ, 08226 screen & coating a hardwood floor


This is a home in Ocean City,Nj, 08226 that someone had bought and wanted to change the shine that the floor had. When they first bought the house the floors had a glossy finish on them that the client did not like and asked us to come in and apply a new coat of satin polyurethane. The floors came out beautiful and the client was thrilled. When you are having a floor refinished or installing a new hardwood floor take into consideration the gloss of the floor. The higher the gloss the more scratches you will be able to see. The durability of the coating is the same, but if you love that glossy look realize once you start living on that floor your scratches will be more visible in a glossy finish. If you have any questions about the finishes just give us a call at Extreme Floor Care, 609-272-9173, our phones are on 7 days a week from 8 am to 10 pm.