Longport,Nj,08403 carpet cleaning before and after photographs


Well the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" is very appropriate here. This is a very high end home in Longport, NJ, and our client had some very cute little dogs that loved to pee in this hallway. This pattern doesn't just occur because of dogs this can also happen from a traffic pattern. Even though our client had pee pads everywhere they still like to do their thing in other places. The problem with a household that has dogs is that you may not necessarily smell the odor from the dogs but it can be very evident when company arrives. Many people try to spot clean the little spots but it only cleans the surface of the carpet, you need to have your carpet professionally cleaned to get rid of the smell. We clean the carpet from the bottom of the carpet to the top. Joe the Owner does the work and he cleans your carpets like he is cleaning his own, plus we have a "100% satisfaction guarantee or it is FREE! That is how confident we are. I am not saying we can get every stain out but if we can't get it out then nobody can. Your carpet is like your laundry it must be cleaned professionally, and almost every manufacturer of carpet suggest's every 12 to 18 months. When you purchase new carpet read your fine print , if you don't have it cleaned under their policy your warranty will be void.