Longport,Nj, 08403 tile and grout cleaning


This is a beautiful home on the beach in Longport, NJ where we cleaned their tile and grout. The first photo is the Owner of Extreme Floor Care getting ready to start the job. This is a Mexican tile with no seal on it so it does need to be cleaned more often because spills have a tendency even after being wiped up to leave behind discoloration. This floor came out fabulous! Call me if you have any questions about your tile and grout cleaning. Here is a great tip-  go to an area in your kitchen or wherever you have tile and look in a closet of a corner and look at the color of your grout. Bet it doesn't look like the grout in the middle of the room? Another helpful tip is the tiles that have texture or pitting, is it very dark or black in the grooves or pitting? Well that is dirt - when you clean your floors you start to move dirty water around and the water goes to the lowest point that is where your dirty water sits and dry and make areas look darker.