Linwood, NJ 08221, tile and grout cleaning before and after pictures


We all love our tile floors but take a minute and look in a corner in a closet where the tile and grout are, the color of the grout there is your original color. Because you are on your floors all day you may not notice - but don't think others don't. We all clean our floors the same way, we start at one end of the room and work our way to the other side. This isn't wrong, but what starts to happen is you move the dirty water around and it dries to the lowest point, which is your grout. I don't know about you but there are not enough hours in the day for me to get on my hand and knees to clean my grout, and it still won't come out as well as having it professionally cleaned. We will come out and provide agree estimate, look at all areas and measure them, by the time I leave you will have your estimate in your hands. The quote won't change - no bait and switch tactics with our company. The price you are quoted is the price you pay. Why is that important you say, well  there are companies out there that quote you prices over the phone or by the room. How can they give you an accurate price with out even looking at your floor, so what happens they quote you one number and once their hired help is in your home they up charge you. THAT IS CALLED BAIT AND SWITCH! They get in your door with a cheap price but all the sudden they have to "do extra things" to do the job right which now increases their price. With Extreme Floor Care, the owner, Joe Carfagno does your job, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Check out our web site at to find out more about us. 

The tile floor was being cleaned weekly by a cleaning lady and once a month she would apply mop & glow type product to make it shiny - please don't do this in the long run it only makes your tiles look dirtier and then they need to be stripped before they can be cleaned. Just like everything else you should have your tile and grout cleaned yearly or every other year by a professional.