How to get red wine out of carpet and clothing for all of our clients in South Jersey by Extreme Floor Care

There's nothing quite like wine night after a hard, long day at work, right ladies? But just like anything else in life -- there are positives and there are negatives to enjoying a nice glass of wine at the end of the day. In case you haven't guessed it yet, we're talking about stains -- red wine stains, to be exact! 

Ah, the dreaded red wine stain. They're stubborn, tough to get rid of and are just plain old annoying after a while. You've tried just about everything, but nothing quite works the way you want it to when it comes to getting rid of that pesky blob on your carpet, dress or all-white t-shirt. The most important thing is to get to the red wine stain ASAP.

But not to worry, we just may have the solution you've been long searching for check out the step-by-step directions below for removing these stains with a surprising item. You won't believe this magic red wine stain removal using, you got it, white wine! 

You'll need:
White wine
A towel
What to do:
Blot red wine stain with the towel
Pour white wine on stain and blot again
Wash with water then dry and reveal the stain that is no longer there.