Hardwood floor restoration Ventnor, NJ 08406



Wood floor restoration Ventnor, NJ 08406
The floors you see above are one of the other bedrooms before the hardwood floor refinishing and the floors sanded raw.
This was definitely a hardwood floor restoration job. This client had called us to come look at there southern heart pine floors to see if they could be refinished.When I arrived to do the hardwood floor refinishing estimate it was difficult because you actually couldn't see the wood because of the paint and spackle on the floor. They knew they wouldn't be perfect but absolutely did not want to have them ripped out or install anything over them.
Truth be told it was a very difficult job. The first thing we had to do was remove all tacking and staples in the floor and they were everywhere. they also had many screws in the floor that had to be removed. There were about 11 repairs that needed to be done. The wood floor restoration of sanding all the old off the floor was very tedious.  As you can see by the pictures in the articles there was also a lot of paint on the floors.
Once the sanding of the old pine was and all repairs were complete we applied a natural seal coat and then a coat of 100% oil based polyurethane. We came back the next day and screened the whole floor and applied our last coat of 100% oil based polyurethane in a semi gloss finish.
There were areas of the floor that had some darker areas that remained. That is the nature of pine, because of the amount of sap that comes out of pine. If you have any questions about hardwood  floor refinishing or hardwood floor restoration, or the cost to refinish hardwood floors, you can check out our website at for a free consumers guide about what you should know about hardwood floor refinishing. You can also click on our articles tab to see all kinds of projects and informative articles that we have done and it will show the before, during and after pictures of each job. You can also reach us 7 days a week at 609-272-9173. We are the company where the owner does your job, we are fully insured and carry workman's comp and have a contractors license.