Hardwood floor refinishing Ocean City,NJ 08226



Hardwood floor refinishing Ocean City, NJ 08226
These are the pictures of the staircase that we did a hardwood floor refinishing on. These pictures show the before and after pictures.
This is a client that got our name from Avalon Carpet & Tile in Ocean City, NJ 08226. This client just bought this home on the bay and had the whole kitchen redone by Euro Line Designe. This is a maple floor that we had to do some repairs on before we started sanding because they moved the island in the kitchen. Once all repairs were complete we started the hardwood floor refinishing. We refinished the entire 1st floor and refinished the staircase. When we refinished this hardwood floor we sanded the floor 3 times then we applied a natural seal coat. This client wanted an oil based polyurethane, and the product we use is Dura Seal which is a 100% oil based polyurethane. The reason we use this superior product is because the odor dissipates in about 2 days, if we used a Poly blend you would smell it in your home for quite some time. Once the seal coat was dry we then applied a coat of polyurethane. Once we had completed the coating we left the job site and returned the next day to apply the last coat of satin oil based polyurethane. As you can see from all the before and after pictures of this job the hardwood floor refinishing came out beautiful. Extreme Floor Care takes pride in every job we do and always put customer satisfaction as our top priority. This Doctor and his wife loved the work that we did for them. Our clients are always thrilled with their jobs because we Always go the extra mile. You can call Extreme Floor Care for free in home estimate at 609-272-9173 and you can also visit our website at for more before and after projects we have done, just look under the articles tab. We also provide a consumer awareness guide for you to read about hardwood floors on our hardwood page, just click on the picture of the hardwood and scroll down the page.