Hardwood floor refinishing Ocean City, NJ 08226



Hardwood floor refinishing Ocean City, NJ 08226
This picture shows part of the living room before we started the hardwood floor refinishing and when the floor was sanded raw. Keep looking at the following posts to see the floor stained and  polyurethaned.
This client who lives in Ocean City, NJ year round got our name from her contractor named Chris who owns Surfside Construction from Ocean City to come in and sand, stain her floors a dark brown and polyurethane her hardwood floors. The floors that she had are red oak so when her contractor called I went and did a FREE in home estimate and went over the entire process of hardwood floor refinishing with the home owner and contractor.At the end of the estimate she decided to have us, Extreme Floor Care, to do the job for her. The home owner wanted her floors stained dark and had given me some samples of the type of color she was looking for. when I returned to the office joe, the owner of Extreme Floor Care and myself played with some stain colors and finishes until we thought we had come up with a custom color she would like. I dropped the sample boards off the both the home owner and contractor and we decided on a color and the type of finish she wanted. We arrived the 1st day all furniture and cabinets had been removed along with the island because she was redoing the entire kitchen. we were sanding the living room, dining room, kitchen, staircase and bannisters along with a hallway. On the first day her red oak hardwood floors were sanded 3 times and then on our 2nd day the custom stain color was applied. When staining you have to let the sealer stain dry for 24 hours before we can apply the first coat of polyurethane. on the 3rd day we applied our first coat of 100% oil based polyurethane. we came back the 4th day and prepared the floors for their last coat of polyurethane. The floors could not be walked on until the next day but we needed the contractors out of the home until the polyurethane had cured which takes72 hours. She was beside herself with how beautiful they came out.
At Extreme Floor Care the owner, Joe Carfagno, is the one who does your job. We are fully insured and carry workmen's comp and also have  a New Jersey Contractors license which you will find on our main web page at While you are at our website there is a consumer awareness guide that you should read before hiring any hardwood floor refinishing contractor or hardwood floor installer. At our website you can also click on our articles tab to see all kinds of hardwood floors that we have refinished. 
If you are looking for a great contractor in Ocean City, Chris is a great guy and does beautiful work, his number is 609-374-6069.
Most people we do work for down here in South Jersey get our name by word of mouth because of the quality work we do. When someone hires us to do a wood floor refinishing job they will get pictures emailed to them daily of the entire process. They get before, during and after pictures, I do this so if anything comes up during the job they can always just call while the job is being done. At Extreme Floor Care customer satisfaction is our top priority. If you are a member of Angie's List we are ranked extremely high on there site.
You can call us at Extreme Floor Care 7 Days a week from 8:00 to 10:00 pm at 609-272-9173. If I don't answer the phone it means I am in a estimate, so just leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as the estimate is complete.