Hardwood floor refinishing Northfield, NJ 08225



Hardwood floor refinishing Northfield, NJ 08225
The pictures you see above are the steps before sanding and then sanded raw.
This is a home in Sutton Woods in Northfield, NJ 08225 where we did a full hardwood floor refinishing on the staircase, foyer, office, family room and kitchen. You will see in the pictures the before, the floors sanded raw and the floors completed. We also did a screen and coat on the formal living room, dining room & sunroom. A screen & coat is when you have a hardwood floor that is in good condition -  maybe it just has a lot of surfaces scratches. We come in and prepare the last coat for a new coat and then apply a new coat of oil based polyurethane, this is a 1 day job. 
This home we worked in for 3 full days. On the first day we sanded the areas that were getting a full sand, on the 2nd day we came back and finished sanding and applied a natural seal coat and about an hour later applied our first coat of 100% oil based polyurethane. On the 3rd day we came back and screened all the floors and applied our last coat of glossy 100% oil based polyurethane. The home owner loved the look of the glossy floors. The owners of the home went away on vacation while we were doing this hardwood floor refinishing project. While they were away they got pictures emailed to them everyday, which they greatly appreciated. 
When I went to meet with this potential client her entire home is hardwood, and I had to come up with a solution so that they didn't have to have their formal living room and formal dining room have a full hardwood floor refinishing. Those 2 rooms were in pretty good condition, they just needed a screen and coat, but in the foyer, office, family room and kitchen they absolutely needed a full sand. The decision we finally came up with was to cut the wood out between  the kitchen and the formal dining room and install a butt board, which saved them a couple thousand dollars. We also did a screen and coat on the master bedroom in the glossy finish.
When you have a hardwood floor refinishing or wood floor restoration job done at your home it is always easier if you are not there, simply because you cannot walk on the floors for 6 to 8 hours once the floors are coated. When you have a wood floor refinishing project done you know the job will take a minimum of 2 days. 
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