Hardwood floor refinishing Galloway, NJ 08205



Hardwood floor refinishing Galloway, NJ 08205
The pictures are of the bedroom floor before and after the hardwood floor refinishing was complete.
This is a hardwood floor refinishing project that we did where the hardwood floors needed a lot of work. There were sections of the floor especially in the living room where there was no longer any polyurethane on the floor. When the client called Extreme Floor Care I went out and provided a free in home estimate and went over the entire process of what we do when we refinish a hardwood floor. All of the machines we use have bags on them and we clean up after ourselves, ( sometimes the home is cleaner after we are done then before we started the job ). When we do a hardwood floor refinishing job we sand the floors 3 times then apply either a natural seal coat or a sealer stain then you will get 2 coats of 100% of oil based polyurethane. The products we use are called Dura Seal and the reason we use this superior product is because it is 100% oil based polyurethane and the smell dissipates in about 2 days.
When we started this job we were refinishing the living room, hallway and 2 bedrooms we applied a natural seal coat and a semi gloss finish. As you can see from the before and after pictures the floors came out beautiful. The client couldn't believe they were the same floors. These floors are a red oak floor. You can call Extreme Floor Care 7 days a week for free advice or to set up a free in home estimate, just call us at 609-272-9173. Also, check out our website at to read all about us and if you click on the articles tab you will see tons of before and after pictures of projects we have done. At Extreme Floor Care the Owner is always the one doing your job, we are fully insured and a member of Ethical Services.