"Finally Wood Floor Re-surfacing 

With No Dust"

 Imagine In less then 24hrs. you'll enjoy your beautiful new floors...

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Many people thought it was to late for their floors, and thought sanding was the only way. Rightly so. That  was because until the method I use became available that was the only way. You now have a choice ~ either DUSTLESS Resurfacing or DUSTLESS hardwood Floor Refinishing. Choose me now and take advantage of the latest best process that came along in years. Look at what you'll get now:

  •  You Get A Dust Free System
  •   We'll Leave Your Home Clean  
  •   You Can Even Stay In You Home While We Work. (No Hotel Fees)   

 That's just the beginning. You can save up to 50% over what you'll pay for sanding and never have to deal with sanding. 

 Are Your Floors Screaming Out For Help?

But does everyone qualify? No! If you have a number of deep gauges, several deep stratches, or massively stained floors, you may not qualify for my system. Sanding might be your best choice. In most cases we've seen many floors that the client thought they were beyond our method, but that wasn't true so before you think of sanding give us a call. Here's some questions to consider.   

  • Are your floors Dull?  
  • Do you have light gray areas?
  • How about Wear from chairs and other furniture?

If so..Your floor is speaking out for help. Before your floor goes beyond our method now is the time to bring them back to life.  Even if you feel you just need to remove the dullness or  want a beauitful floor again, my method is for you. Finally, look around the kitchen table has the chairs slowly remove the finish? Most people discover these things when they are pointed out or become so worn that if they do nothing, they'll have to have it sanded. Have you looked around your garage pail lately? If not you'll be amazed how fast that area wears. Ok, here's some other reasons you'll feel good you tried us out. Check out my before and after photographs up on the left hand corner ~ just click it to see the pictures.You'll see...

  • Dings disappear
  • Scratches finally removed
  • Best of all you'll enjoy your beauitful floors.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing   

WARNING! Read our Consumers guide for Hardwood
Floor Refinishing. Questions to ask before letting any
floor refinisher into your home. See our before and
after photo's on the hardwood tab above.

1) What material do you use for a seal coat.

Bad answer ~ Lacquer or polyurethane

Extreme Floor Care answer ~ Universal sealer

2) Will your insurance company fax or email me your

Bad answer ~ We'll fax you ourselves.

Extreme Floor Care answer ~ Yes, our reputable insurance
agent will fax or email you a current certificate of insurance.

3) Is your price an estimate or a firm quote?

Bad answer ~ It's firm, but of course things come up....

Extreme Floor Care answer ~ It's firm ~ that is what you 
will pay.

4) Can you give me referrals of clients you have worked
with recently?

Bad answer ~ Here are the same references we've been giving
out for the past 3 years.

Extreme Floor Care answer ~ Yes here they are! Feel free to
call them because you are only as good as your last job!

5)What do you do to control and remove dust?

Bad answer ~ Don't worry about it. We're neat.

Extreme Floor Care answer ~ You want your wood floor
company to treat your property as if it were their own.
We will go over all precautions with you during our estimate.

6) What type of Polyurethane do you use?

When it comes to this question there are many different
answers, know what you are talking about when you ask it.

A )Poly blend oil based polyurethane ~ Will smell in your
home for a long time. (Can buy at big box stores)

B) 100 % oil based polyurethane ~ smell will dissapate with
in a few days. We use the brand name Dura Seal. We use
their sealers and polyurethane.

C) Water based polyurethane ~ no order ~ quick drying. 
Some contractors only use water base because it gets
them in & out of your job faster. We determine what is best for your floor.





It's the most convenient way
to get a beautiful finish without the hassles of dust!

In addition to what I mention eariler you get these other benefits...

  • Quick-Drying
  • Low Odor - no ventilation required!
  • Protection That Lasts
  • Will not change original floor color

      These two are  worth mentioning again.

  •  Economical - 1/2 the price of sanding.
  •  Room is ready to use within 24 hours

Scuffed Floors


Scratched Floor





Gouged Floors



Dull & Worn Floor


Why shouldn't you get your floors the way you want right now? It's simple dial me now and get your floor back to the way you feel they should be. We can Bring Back That Mirror Shine you deserve.

What Will Happen If You Do Nothing?

You will put up with dull, stratched up wood floors. Your wood will only get worst. And evenually you will have to have it sanded at a higher price. Not to mention the 50% increase it may cost you. Who needs that, when now you have a choice.

    Lets review. You...

    • No longer have to deal with the dust that the sanding method does.
    • No mess to clean up for week after the sanding is done.
    • Best of all it won’t cost you an arm and a leg either.

You can bring your floors back to life, even if you feel your floors just need a touch up or want to see what we can do for your floors call now. We have a program that can fit your needs too. Call me at 609-272-9173, during business hours we answer live, after hours you can leave a message on my voice mail system, I promise the next business day we'll call you back.