Hard Floor Care Tips on Cherry Floor: Avalon, NJ 08202


You can see here the Brazilian Cherry Wood floor we sanded raw before adding two coats of polyurethane varnish and hence the reason it still looks wet.

As you can see from the results, it looked spectacular, and the maker, Joe Carfagno, is the one who does the work, all thanks to Extreme Floor Care. He is the very best in the industry, and he is very proud of every piece he does.

The issues often arise after Joe and the team have left, and the homeowner needs to care for their floor themselves.

Luckily, Joe Carfagno is more than the owner of Extreme  Floor Care; he is the one who does your job and teacher for the duration.

At each and every job site, hardwood floor contractors like Joe need to put on their teaching hats and do so with a massive smile on their face.

Ensuring our clients know how to clean a hardwood floor properly is essential to protecting our work’s integrity in the long run.


What You Don’t Use on Hardwood Floors

Before looking at products, there are some things to never use on your hardwood floor. …

  1. Wet mops: The #1 source of damage to finishes. Although people might think that sloshing a soaking wet mop back and forth over their floors is a good idea, this will ruin the finish and damage the wood itself. A mop used to clean hardwood floors should only be slightly damp.
  2. Vinegar: The second most destructive is vinegar. It is a great product to use in cleaning many things, but not hardwood floors.

White vinegar was once a popular product used to clean hardwood floors. And a quick Google search reveals a lot of people still recommend using it.

But vinegar should not be used as a hardwood floor cleaner because its acidity can lead to etching in the wood’s surface.


Getting the Best Results to Last Years

Images speak louder than words, but there’s plenty of word of mouth from happy customers with whom we’re working hardwood floor finishing.

The Cherry wood floor we did here was terrific, and the customer was thrilled with the results and also that Joe spent hours telling him how to clean and what he should do with his floor once the hardwood floor finishing crews had left.

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Extreme Floor Care has been in business for 20 years and is fully insured and carries workman’s comp.

We have frequently been the proud recipients of the prestigious Super Service Award in all three hardwood categories - refinishing, installation & cleaning on Angie’s List.

To ensure you have the best experience in floor repair in Avalon, NJ 08202., you can contact Extreme Floor Care direct or call us today at 609-272-9173, and one of our professionals will help you with questions regarding hardwood floor refinishing or hardwood floor repair.

Hardwood flooring deserves the care and attention Extreme Floor Care offers to every customer.