Figuring out what type of carpet to buy Ocean City, NJ 08226


Helping clients select carpet
Carpet cleaning technicians often act as advisers, helping their clients not only by cleaning their carpet, but also helping them select carpeting for their homes and offices as well.
With this in mind, a carpet cleaning expert and product manager for CFR (continuous flow recycling) carpet extractors, offers the following 10 tips on how to select new carpeting:
Buy when it's cold: The winter months are the slow season for carpet dealers so buyers may be able to negotiate the best price.
Padding: Typically, carpeting requires a layer of padding to help protect the carpet and reduce wear.
Pile: While some facilities may want a plush pile, these tend to show footprints and vacuum tracks; this will not happen with low pile carpets.
Wool or synthetic: Wool often requires more involved cleaning; synthetics tend to resist soiling and are often easier to clean and maintain 
Price comparison: Some dealers have reduced charges for the carpet, but higher prices for installation; ask dealers to provide charges for both separately to compare “apples to apples.”
Stain resistant: A stain resistant carpet will help protect against staining, however it tends to be more expensive. "If the carpet is near a food service area, stain resistant carpeting may be a 'must-have.' In other areas it may not be as important," says Berjer.
Read the warranty: Carpet warranties are often dull and complicated; however, they are a must-read for managers before making a selection.
Color: Dark shades hide soiling; light shades show soiling.
Cleaning: Always ask how the carpet should be cleaned. Many carpet manufacturers now require that their carpets be cleaned using the extraction method to protect the warranty. 
VOCs: Most carpet is now manufactured with fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These carpet types have a reduced impact on building users and the environment.
"And always remember, selecting a carpet is a long-term investment, You want to make a selection that will meet needs and satisfaction now and for years to come."