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Cleaning Hardwood Floors: Follow  the Rules For Lifelong Investment by using the right product.


If you get hardwood floors, or simply buy a home with hardwood flooring in it, you need to know the basics of cleaning hardwood floors or to clean hardwood floors appropriately to keep them looking beautiful and healthy. It is important to know that you will see dirt much more quickly on hardwood flooring than you will carpet, for example, but know that there are tiny holes and splits in the wood on the floor (and where the wood meets) where dirt can build.

The important thing to do is keep up a routine to clean hardwood floors so that it doesn’t seem so difficult and cumbersome in your daily life. If your not sure call Extreme Floor Care to any questions you may have at 609-272-9173. We service Atlantic County, NJ and Cape May County, NJ.

Cleaning Hardwood Floors: Daily Tasks

Every day, you should look at your floors and see if there is something that you need to do. If you see something spilled or wet, you want to wipe that up immediately. You also want to use a microfiber mop to dust your flooring. Doing this daily is the best way to prevent scratching and surface damage, as well as the best way to keep dust from building up in the corners and along splits. Do not pick up the microfiber broom as you sweep, or you will lose the dirt.

Microfiber pads are the best because they also trap dirt, particles, and allergens that some other types of mops will miss. Of course, you can use a broom and sweep it up, but you will miss some of the dirt that you could have picked up.

Cleaning Hardwood Floors: Weekly Tasks

At least once a week (or more if you have pets or children), you want to tackle some of the areas that a quick daily dust won’t get. Move some of the furniture, especially in the kitchen, so that you can get everything swept up.

Never use water to clean your floors! Water and wood do not react well, which is why you don’t put wood in bathrooms. If you have something sticky or caked onto your floor, you can lightly spray it with water or use ice to freeze it and then scrape it off with a plastic credit card. Extreme Floor Care recommends “Squeaky Clean” for hardwood floors, you can find this on Amazon.

Cleaning Hardwood Floors: Expert Tips

You should have your hardwood floors cleaned professionally cleaned once a year to help maintain their beauty. When cleaning your hardwood floors, you want to use the proper tools – a mop with a microfiber cover that is machine washable, pads for spot dusting, which you can buy with the Squeaky clean. You absolutely do not want to use water, commercial sprays, or vinegar that hasn’t been approved. You don’t want to use steam or soap either. Excess water and/or heat can lead to cupping or warping, which will completely ruin the look of your flooring – and can impact function as well.

The biggest tip is to just keep up your regularly scheduled cleanings. If you fall into a routine, it will look great. You may want to use protective mats in extremely traveled areas, but be careful about the underside of the carpet. Know that the status of your floor will really depend on how much you use a room and what you do in that room. Bedrooms tend to have hardwood flooring that stays nicer for a longer amount of time, whereas hallways and living areas will need more work and regular cleaning. As always, talk to a hardwood flooring expert to see what types of flooring will work the best for your home.

Finally, make sure to never use wax or polish on your floors. You might want to ask your hardwood floor expert for a schedule. Know that you will have to refinish your hardwood floors every few years as well. If you find that your floor doesn’t look as good as it used to, even with cleaning, you might need sanding and refinishing.

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If you are interested in hardwood flooring cleaning, repair, or installation for your home or business, we can help you. Contact Extreme Floor Care today at 609-272-9173 and we can help you to determine what needs to be done make the best choices when it comes to cleaning your hardwood flooring.