Carpet cleaning Northfield, NJ 08225


Carpet cleaning Northfield, NJ 08225

This client had us come in and clean the carpets in Northfield, NJ 08225 because they were putting the house up for sale. They called because they thought they needed to replace them but as you can see they came out great. This client used this house a rental property so usually when you rent a home out they don't care care of your home the way you do. This client in Northfield, NJ 08225 was very happy with the outcome of the carpet cleaning and the house showed great and they sold it. When you are buying carpet it states that YOU MUST HAVE THE CARPET CLEANED EVERY 12 TO 18 DOR YOUR WARRENTY TO STAY IN EFFECT That is in the fine print so make sure you keep up with them or you will lose the warrant on your carpet. 

I chose to show you the pictures above because the dirt is SO excessive and the difference you can get with a professional carpet cleaning. When you start seeing a traffic pattern on the carpet where everyone walks all of the time - get your carpets cleaned. When you start seeing grey up against your wall this is from filtration. Air comes down your wall and your carpet becomes a second filter and turns the carpet darker or grey once you get this - it is almost in possible to get out. Call Extreme Floor Care today for a FREE in home estimate at 609-272-9173. WE ARE THE COMPANY WHERE THE OWNER DOES YOUR JOB!


You will see in all of these pictures their came out beautiful. This job came out great and our client was very happy with the outcome. We love making sure all of our clients are thrilled with their jobs because we take great pride in our work. You can call Extreme Floor Care located in Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234 for a FREE in home estimates and advice 7 days a week from 8am to 10pm at 609-272-9173. You can also visit our website at for more before and after projects we have done, just look under the articles tab. We also provide a consumer awareness guide for you to read about hardwood floors on our main web page. 


At Extreme Floor Care we put customer satisfaction first, our Company has integrity and is dependable,that is why the Owner of Extreme Floor Care, Joe Carfagno, is doing your job, he is the best at what we do. You will get quality results each and every time. Many people have concerns about allowing contractors in their home when they aren't there, when you hire us you can be confident that your belongings are cared for so your home is safe and secure. We will always make sure everything is locked up and secured. We do NOT hire sub contractors or day laborers. We will always be the company where the Owner does your job.
Angie's List just announced that Extreme Floor Care just won the prestigious Super Service Award.